Thanks to our website we were contacted by Mr.Andrew Kostanecki from the USA who is a great-grandson of Jan Bloch. Janina Maria the daughter of Emilia and Jan Bloch got married Kazimierz Kostanecki who was a rector of the Jagiellonian University and held many other important positions in a public life (e.g. he was a vice-president of the Town Cracow).

Mr. Andrew Kostanecki who is a descendant of Kazimierz Kostanecki was born in Warsaw in 1934 and emigrated with his parents to the USA before the outbreak of the Second World War. In his professional life he became known as an industrial designer, lecturing and writing on design and on the creative process in a variety of professional journals. Being a world class athlete he followed his interest in sport by deep involvement with the United States Olympic Committee. He was awarded the Gold Medal of the International Sailing Federation.

It should be known that recently he served as Director of the Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture funded by David Rockefeller.

There are some pictures of Mr. Andrew Kostanecki below:



Mr. Andrew Kostanecki is about to publish a book on the history of wars under the title "Whatever Happened to War". He devoted much attention to the Jan Bloch philosophy of war.

Our Foundation as first got the privilege of getting access to the Epilogue to this book. You can read now this Epilogue on our website under section "Publications". Not surprisingly you will find there a lot of references to Jan Bloch.