Our website has turned out to be useful  again in bringing together people  interested in Jan Gotlieb Bloch.

In September 2007 Mrs Eli Bauer from Israel came to Warsaw and met Andrzej Żor, the author of the book on Jan Bloch and  Krzysztof Szwarc from our Foundation (photos below)

Eli Bauer is head of the Department of Communication and Film at  the Technological College of Tel Aviv and teaches in the Jewish History Department at Haifa University. In addition she is the academic coordinator of the Posen Research Forum for Jewish European and Israeli  Political  Thought at Haifa University Faculty of Law. Her academic interests include the history and culture ofPolish Jewry and the history of the Jewish press. Her books include"Between Poles and Jews", "The Development of Nahum Sokolow's Political Thought". Both were published by The Studies of the Center for Research on the History and Culture of Polish Jews and the Magnes Press in 2005. She is now working on an article on Jan Bloch as Polish Citizen, Russian Statesman, European Scholar and Jewish Cosmopolitan.