Through good offices of Peter van den Dungen we got in touch with Edward W. Lollis, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, , who maintains a huge on-line database of "peace monuments" from all times and in all parts of the world. We delivered him two pictures of the Jan Bloch Chapel in Powązki Cmetery.

We got the following reply, which we quote in extenso: 

"Any monument related to Jan Bloch is a "peace monument" by definition.  I have added both of your images to web pages for monuments in Poland (, graves of peacemakers (, and monuments constructed in or near 1902 (

Please visit these web pages and particularly the one about Poland (which, for the time being, is grouped with other countries in Eastern Europe).  I would be grateful if you could identify any missing peace monuments.

Jan Bloch is one of two peacemakers among the 86 identified in red on for whom I do not yet have special web pages about their monuments.  (The other one is Mother Theresa.)  As you can see, Bloch's name is currently linked to the Jan Bloch Foundation's PowerPoint slide show (  I would like to make a web page showing monuments about Bloch, but so far I know of only the chapel in Powazki Cemetery and the site of the International Museum 
of War & Peace in Lucerne, Switzerland.  Are their any other physical monuments for Bloch (house, statue, plaque, etc.?) which you could identify.  Any help would be greatly appreciated."