Kapitalista, pacyfista, filantrop" (Capitalist pacifist philanthropist) is the title of the new book dedicated to Jan Bloch, prepared with inspiration from Jan Bloch Foundation by Wydawnictwo TRIO. The book is a joint publication, composed from the articles written by: 
*Andrzej Żor, who was also the editor of the book: Kronenberg I Bloch. Studium porównawcze; Postać Jana Blocha w utworach literackich;
*Katarzyna Szwarc: Jan Bloch I Muzeum Wojny I Pokoju w Lucernie;
Elżbieta Mazur and Grażyna Pawlak: Bogactwo w służbie społeczeństwa;
Justyna Guze: Jan Gottlieb Bloch - kolekcjoner rysunków na skalę europejską.
The book also contains bibliography of Jan Bloch's works and publications about the author of "The future of War", which constitutes a valuable source for researchers interested in his biography and work. 
The meeting, which took place in Klub Księgarza on Rynek Starego Miasta, 19th of May this year and gathered over 120 participants, conducted by Marek Wawrzkiewicz - President of Union of Polish Writers (Związek Literatów Polskich) .
The book was reviewed by professor (prof.. dr hab.) Krzysztof Mikulski. Andrzej Żor and Justyna Guze presented their opinion on the achievements of Jan Bloch and message of his work.
We encourage you to have a look at the preface of the book available here in Polish

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